Build high-profitable online business with

OTON.Org — a ready-made IT solution for a leader, distributor or any company, that wants to promote their products via affiliate marketing and referral programs.

Backoffices, automatic reward calculation, legal documents, payment solutions, reports, statistics, marketing resources and training — all in one service.

Who benefits from

Distributor and leader

After registration a user gets their workspace, fully adapted for MLM business. All the team is digitalized at one dashboard. Instead of multiple referral trees — just one.


For marketplaces, online games, networking games, banking services and any other company — it’s an opportunity to start a business with a referral program in a couple of days.

Two partnership options

  1. Leaders and distributors can build their distribution system inside one referral tree.

  2. We create branded backoffice at your company’s domain. Suitable for large manufacturers, providers and services. — high-tech business and industry phenomenon


  • OTON.Market
    Your trading platform for business
  • TASQ
    Your network duplication service.
  • eazybizzi
    Your community for personal growth
  • Services
    • Exchange cryptocurrency
    • blockchain casino
    • exchange trading
    • debit cards
    • Online payments provider
    • lotteries
    • trading robots
    • Work with various companies and products
    • No need to transfer team between companies. Everyone works at one platform and recommend what they like

Advantages for leader and distributor

With a leader is always in trend. Infinite number of innovative manufacturers and services can link up to one referral tree, any team member can start using and recommending them immediately.

Self start

  • Complicated network management

    All of your partners are in separate backoffies. The more referral trees, the harder it is to manage your team.

  • Lack of time

    Meetings, reports and training are held separately for each structure. They all consume almost all time of a leader. There’s no time for network growth and development.

  • Misunderstanding inside team

    To launch a new product you need to tell each person about it and persuade to join. That transition between companies means losing up to 50% of your people.

  • Lower income

    Trends change fast in affiliate marketing business, new directions appear — team wants to take part in everything. It’s hard to quickly shift inside a MLM company. People leave, turnover drops.

When leader builds business at

  • After registration a team can work with any product and service of the ecosystem. Leader keeps their authority and people.
  • Your business is secured by a private key. No one can delete you from the system.
  • Work with team at one place. Leader has more free time they can spend on business development.
  • You earn on many products within the same ecosystem.
  • Consistent business growth: new products and services are being added to the ecosystem.

With you can plan your future. All you build at is eternal. You can leave the business to your children.

Advantages for businesses

Send a request and your product will be added to the marketplace in just a couple of days.

Fast start of sales

  • Ready-made sales departments. No marketing costs
  • Consultations and support
  • Fast integration, transparent transactions.

Self start

  • Create a backoffice — from €15 000.
  • Develop legal documents — from €50 000.
  • Yearly platform support — €15 000.
  • Monthly support team — from €500.

Total — from €86 000.

Work at

  • Register at the platform
  • Get access to backoffice
  • Integrate your business in 2–14 days
  • Sell products and get profit.
  • All payments to distributors are automated.

Costs are way less


  • Blockchain marketplace of valuable goods

  • Community for growth and education

  • Service for network duplication

  • Trading terminal for top cryptocurrency exchanges

How to start

  1. Register and choose partnership conditions

  2. Get access to backoffice

  3. Grow your business and earn from day one.